Award Winning Selection

For those of you who are interested in purchasing Award Winning books for your children, I have given you a sampling below of what I currently have in stock, but first…what is an Award Winning book and is it important for a book to win an award?

As a parent who wants to provide her children with stimulating, high-interest material to read, it doesn’t really matter to me whether or not a book has won an award, but I must admit when I see that round medal on a book cover it does get me to take a closer look…and I am not usually disappointed.   For a publisher, an award is much more important because it will mean guaranteed sales as most libraries and book stores will automatically stock award winning titles.

For Canadian written children’s books, the most recognized awards given are the Governor General Awards and separate awards are given for text and illustrations in both French & English for a total of four annual awards in the children’s category.  The other most noteworthy award given to children’s books in North America is the Caldecott Medal awarded for the most distinguished American picture book of the year, and I always love these–but if you run across a Caldecott Honor Citation, don’t overlook it as it is given to the runner’s up to the Caldecott Medal award and can be just as fabulous!

If you are interested in exploring some of the numerous other children’s book awards, this is the best compilation that I have been able to find: Children’s Book Awards

You will note in the photos below that many of the Award Winning titles that I have are from Scholastic and thus are priced accordingly at $1.50 ea or 12 for $15…regardless of the premium prices the publishers like to charge for them!  🙂 award winning books 1award winning books 2award winning books 3award winning books 4award winning books 5

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