Social, Emotional & Physical Development Books

I always strive to make shopping easy at by dividing the thousands of children’s books I have into easy-to-shop categories.  Currently there are 8 main categories of books  (Storybooks, Leveled Readers, Chapter Books etc.) and over 100 sub-categories (like Dora, Boy Stuff, Science & Nature etc) to choose from.  Thus, I thought it would be fun and useful to do the occasional category focus.

Currently, offers Social/Emotional & Physical Development books under two of the main categories: Educational Resources and Leveled Readers. Books from these sections can focus on a wide range of areas from common themes that all children go through like loosing teeth, discovering their feelings and learning about safety; while some of the less-common themes would include dealing with bullies, physical challenges, divorce and death.

I hope you enjoy seeing some of the books from this popular section below and please remember these pictures are a snapshot in time as I am continuously adding new titles as well as selling from current inventory.

Also, to see more pictures of interesting new arrivals, please visit my Facebook Page often (you do not have to be a registered Facebook user to do this).

New Baby & Siblings

Dinosaur's Guides to Life


Divorce & Seperation

Loosing Baby Teeth

Manners, Sharing & Bullies

Stranger & Fire Safety

Dealing with Asperger's, Anxiety & more

So many Feelings!

Sleep Secrets & My Body

More thought-provoking topics

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