Open House Weekend & Book Trade-in Event

I am looking forward to welcoming everyone at my upcoming Open House weekend:

Sat & Sun, Nov. 26th & 27th
9 am to 1 pm each day

NEW: Trade in your kids’ gently-loved books!!!

DETAILS: Books must be clean, current (for the most part published in the last 10 years) and in good condition.

CREDIT: For books that I accept, you will receive a 2 for 1 trade-in to buy more books. If you prefer cash, it will be 30% less.

EXAMPLE: If you bring 10 books that I will sell at $1.50…you can trade them in for 5 books that I sell for $1.50 or a $7.50 credit. If you prefer cash, it would be 30% less, so $5.25. NOTE: Trade-ins must be completed the same visit.

OPEN HOUSE SURPRISES: As always I have been collecting some special finds that I will have out for sale including baby, kids and grown-up CDs & DVDs, educational toys, puzzles and more.

BIGGER BOOK SELECTION: It is no secret that I have been continually expanding my selection of quality children’s books and educational resources. For those of you who started shopping with me about a year ago, you will remember that I started with a few bins in my sunroom, then the books moved to my larger dining room and when the selection outgrew that space, I started taking over areas of my kids’ toy room (a.k.a. the house’s living room). Well, I have been busy planning the “final-takeover” of my kid’s toy room–they are moving downstairs and the books are expanding! If all goes well, the move will be completed by the Open House.

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD: Thank you so much to all of my loyal customers who have supported over the past year–I have more people visiting me for the first time ever because of your wonderful referrals and this is the main reason I have been able to continue to grow and expand my selection which now ranges from books for baby & toddlers right up to early teens! Please spread the word about this upcoming Open House as well as my NEW Trade-in program so I can continue to offer parents, teachers and kids the best selection in pre-loved children’s books and educational resources around!

Thanks and don’t forget to check out new arrivals at

Your Questions or Feedback are welcome...

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