Top 10 Reasons to attend’s Open House

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Yes, it is time for my annual pre-March Break Open House and trust me, if you take the time to read through my Top 10 List below, you will understand why it is going to a great one!

Saturday, March 1st
9 am – 3 pm

1205 Halsey Lane, Pickering ON

And now, without further delay, The Top 10 Reasons why you should plan to attend’s Open House Event this weekend:

10.  You want to fill up on the free hors d’oeuvres
(which there won’t be any, so please eat before you come)

9.   You want to see if has taken down the Christmas Cards displayed in her front entrance way yet
(which she hasn’t, so please don’t say anything if they are still there)

8.   You are curious…is it really worth the drive to Pickering?
(yes it is, but you should really see for yourself)

7.   You were wondering if you could trade-in all the books your kids are now finished with for a new selection?
(which you can, please read my Trade-in Policy)

6.   You want FREE books
(which you can get–for every 10 books you buy at the same price, you earn 2 FREE ones)

5.   You want to purchase some of the fantastic $1 Door Crashers that there will be
(and there will be lots, so please don’t crash my door down trying to get to them)
$1 door crashers

4.   You read somewhere that has more than 8000 books for sale and you wanted to come and count them all to see if her claims are true
        (it’s true, there are, so count away)

3.   You are thinking ahead to Easter and remember that last year sold LEGO mini-figures to hide inside plastic Easter eggs and you wondered if she was still doing that
(and she is…you can view most of her LEGO mini-figures  for sale here)

2.   You’ve been wanting to come visit for a while now but find it hard to book an appointment in advance and like the idea of just being able to pop in when you can
(that’s the whole point of an Open House, just stop by anytime from 9 am – 3 pm)


the #1 reason you should attend’s Open House Event this coming Saturday…

1.  You’ve found out that she has just procured one of her famous Book Liquidations and besides the thousands of top-quality, value-priced, gently-loved kids’ books she will have for sale, she will also have hundreds of brand-new, recently published, highly-requested titles at rock-bottom, LIQUIDATION PRICES!

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Please remember to check my Facebook Page to see photos and prices of a lot of the other books that I sell!

You can also follow TheBookLadyCA on Twitter where I tweet about “Affordable Children’s Literacy through Books, Resources, Crafts, Ideas, Events and Inspiration”

Hope to see you soon!

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