You asked…and I listened!

This newsletter is going to be of particular interest to teachers, resource librarian/teachers and parents who like to provide their kids with school-quality reading material that is leveled according to the “Fountas & Pinnell” GRL system which is the standard throughout most school boards in Ontario (and internationally).

For parents who are not familiar with this, when your child brings home a reading book from their teacher that is marked with a capital letter, this is their “GRL”.  Often books are marked with a numbered system or “DRA” (Developmental Reading Assessment) number which can easily be converted to a GRL through charts available on line and while I have one available for use here, you won’t be needing it because I have now (after many requests) re-organized my Education Publisher section into categories by Grade that also list the corresponding GRL & DRA levels. Here is a quick view along with a sample of the types of books you can expect to find here:


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My special news for the educational focused customers is not over.  I’ve been working on my special stash (I always have a special stash of interesting items) of brand new Guided Reading Leveled books from publishers like Pearson Education Canada; McGraw-Hill Education; and Prentice Hall Ginn and am happy to present them to you here, divided into 3 separate slide-shows where I have tried to take photos so you can read both the GRLs and prices that I have marked on them (with easily removable stickers).

First, Pearson Education Canada’s upper primary-lower junior Brain Bank Collection.  I have from 2 to 6 copies of each title and all books ($2.50 – $3 ea) cover Science & Social Studies curriculums:

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Next is the “Collections” series from Prentice Hall Ginn, the quantities available of each title varies and all are $1.50 – $2 ea:

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And finally for your Grade 2 & 3 Guided Reading Groups, a selection of titles from McGraw-Hill Education.  Each shrink wrapped set includes 6 copies of the same title and my price in only $8 – $10 per set (a very small fraction of the price of these sets from the Publisher!).

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If you are interested in picking up some of these fantastic books, my current availability is as follow:

Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays from 9 am – 1 pm
Wednesdays 3 pm – 8 pm

Please remember to confirm your shopping time in advance (and there will be some exceptions to the above schedule dependent on my kids’ ever-changing baseball schedules!).

Please share this newsletter with any teachers or school librarians that you may know…trust me, they will be very thankful!

Hope to see you soon and don’t forget, you can always see samples of new arrivals on my Facebook Page–even if you don’t have a Facebook account.  Just click on the link below.  🙂


  1. Debbie Boulton · · Reply

    Thanks! I did see that the post was from some time ago (and only just noticed that you had replied to me!). Do you still have a good collection of other leveled books? I am particularly looking for any in the Nelson/Rigby PM series. Currently keeping an eye on my local Value Village, and every now and then get a gem, but it’s slim pickings. I might be heading your way in November, and would love to come by if I can make it work. 🙂

    1. I always have a great selection of leveled readers, but they are not all necessarily leveled with DRA or Fountas & Pinnel levels; some are filed by publisher levels, some by interest subject. I can guarantee that you will not find anyone or anywhere else that comes close to offering the vast and organized selection that I do nor at the fabulous prices that I do–but I am not set up for people to shop on line, you really do need to come and browse. Appointments need to be booked in advance during the times I keep posted on the home page of my website at Hope to see you soon.

      1. Debbie Boulton · ·

        Sounds great – I will be out your way the last weekend of November. Probably too early to know if you will be around then, but I will keep an eye on your website.

  2. Debbie Boulton · · Reply

    Oh, how I wish I lived closer to you! Your website keeps popping up as I’m looking for great leveled readers for tutoring. You don’t ship, do you?

    One quick question: what source did you use to find the GRL of the Prentice Hall Ginn Collections books? I was recently able to get my hands on one, but can’t find levels in any of my usual sources.


    1. Hi Debbie…sorry, but at this point I do not ship and the books you are asking about were leveled about 3 years ago when I purchased that specific liquidation–I don’t seem to have saved the resource but like you I remember having a heck of a time finding their levels! Good luck on your quest and hopefully if you are ever in the Toronto area, you can plan a visit. 🙂

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