Publisher’s Clearance: Who/What/Where was/is/were/are…. books

This engaging, non-fiction book series for ages 8-12, is filled with fascinating stories and amazing facts about trailblazers, legends, innovators, creators, the globe’s most exciting places and the world’s most important historical events.

A fantastic selection of titles available now at for only $4 ea!

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Did you know that is hosting an
OPEN HOUSE weekend next Saturday and Sunday?
March 25th & 26th
10 am – 12 pm both days
no appointment needed, these days only
you can shop by appointment
and can find a list of my upcoming availability posted on
my website at

Wondering if these featured books are really a great buy at $4 ea? Check out what they sell for on here:  and, you can also see what the inside of them looks like by clicking on one of the photos and scrolling through.

Don’t forget to check out my Facebook Page at as I have posted (and will continue to post) many more pictures of other books that have arrived from this Publisher’s Clearance!



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