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Advent Book Calendars

Dare I say it? It’s almost “that” time already. This year we will be offering Advent Book Calendars (while supplies last). Each book will be individually wrapped and will include new books, gently used books and holiday books.
I am currently taking pre-orders until November 1 and will require a $10 deposit for each order. Calendars will be available for pick up no later then November 27.

Prices are as follows:

Ages 0-7 (12 books for $30 and 24 books for $50)
Ages 8-12 (12 books for $40 and 24 books for $60)

*books will be geared towards each child’s age and no calendar will be the same*
If you would like to choose your own books and create your own calendar, I am booking appointments Monday’s to Friday’s from 9-11am and 1-3pm. Evenings and weekends are available by request.


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