Trade-in Policy

Please help continue to offer a fantastic selection of quality childrens books by trading-in or selling her your kids’ books that they have outgrown.  All books must be current (published in the last + or – 10 years), clean and in good condition.

Trade-ins :
Soft covers generally:   .50 – .75 ea
Hard covers generally:   .75 – $1.50 ea

  • In order to maintain my cash flow, trade-ins can only be applied to 50% of your purchase.  For example, if you have a $10 credit, you must be prepared to buy $20 worth of books; then you can pay for them with your $10 credit plus $10 cash.
  • All trade-ins must be completed immediately–NO Credit Notes will be issued.

Prefer to sell for Cash?
Value will be calculated in the same manner as for a trade in, less 30%

  • For example, if you don’t want to buy any books at the time of trade in, you would receive $7 cash for the same books in the previous example.
  • If you were entitled to the same $10 credit and only wanted to buy $10 worth of books, you could use $5 of your trade-in amount, plus $5 cash to pay for your purchase and you would receive $3.50 back in cash to complete your trade-in.